Indeed, some times, it is how far you have come and not how well you are doing. The truth is, having come this far is a reassurance that you can go another mile. On certain days, you have to look within and ask yourself if you thought you’d make it this far. There has to be an awakening of reality in your mind to help you evaluate how much you’ve defiled odds that weren’t in your favour. Perhaps today you need a 3-bedroom flat, some months ago, would have thought you’d be staying in alone in a room and not squatting with someone like you used too?

Our reality may not be as beautiful as we desire, but that is sufficient to make us cling to hope. The thought that things could be worse should motivate us to stay in the process. If that isn’t convincing enough, consider the fact that you could be dead. Remind yourself of days when you survived by chance. Ponder on moments when you didn’t think you’ll get the next meal. If your job has become inadequate to your financial responsibilities, remember a time when you could only afford a new shirt annually. Things may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean your life has grown worse. As long as we live, there will always be something meaningful to smile about. It may not be as often as you desire, yet your life must not be enveloped in darkness.

Most times, there is absolutely nothing religious about gratitude. It is simply a quest for hope; a way of staying motivated. It should help you do a flash-forward and realize that perhaps if you have what you desire, you may lack what you need to complement it. What if you fall in love and it crumbles because you do not have all you need to preserve it? When it is said that people rush into marriage, it is not always because they are with the wrong person, sometimes it is simply the case that the time isn’t right. Hence, when they struggle and eventually divorce, it is because one of them chose to defile reality instead of being patient in the process.

“When life gives you lemons, you make lemonades.” You cannot change the reality of what life brings your way but you can fine-tune your lifestyle to accomplish the best out of it. Life can’t be offering you lemon then you are hell-bent on making Zobo, you will fail. It is better to spend a greater time getting ready than stumbling halfway and starting again because you started too early. It is okay to be dissatisfied with your progress, but should you be displeased with your reality? Stay in the process.

You are not done once you aren’t dead. Your reality is adequate for your responsibilities if you can stay within your limit. You don’t have it worse, and your existence isn’t a waste. If you can make it this far, you can go an extra mile, just make sure that by all positive means, you survive another day.