Be committed to your life in such a way that you aren’t afraid to make mistakes. Take chances hoping you will get it right at the first attempt, and knowing that not getting it right is a good way to learn. I learned early in life that a process of continuous self-development requires building on mistakes and growing from misfortunes. Sometimes, a little dash of negativity is a deserved motivation. If you are too scared to make mistakes then you’d never be courageous enough to embrace success.

Life in its phases requires us to take some vital steps. It is like moving through classes in secondary school. To be ready for the next class, you must have made a score that shows you are competent for promotion. There is a time for everything. If you chicken out from an event or task because you are scared of not getting it right, the knowledge will not be available or sufficient when you need it. The risk becomes bigger and the mistakes graver. It is better late than never, but it is best when it is done early.

Imagine someone who has doubts about getting into a relationship because he wants to get it right once. He has a slight knowledge but no practical experience. What are the chances that a trial will be enough to give him what he wants? Mistakes help us through the process of self-realization. There are things you’d never know about yourself if you don’t make mistakes. If you are scared to test your strength, you will not know how much you can endure. Mistakes lighten the burden of ignorance.