Should one really make new enemies for the sake of love?

A prospective couple who would walk down the aisle in 3 weeks wanted to me to write their pre-wedding post for a blog. Of course, I was excited to do so. I believe in love, and so given the opportunity, I always want to get a first-hand feel of how love conquered. It is always a beautiful and simple routine. First, I listen to their narrative, then I ask vital questions that would help frame a heartwarming yet chilling love story. When they were done narrating, the first question I asked was for their hashtag. I bet you can’t guess what it is: #UsAgainstTheWorld19!

How interesting? I was surprised too, I felt it was too serious. On the other hand, I thought lovers shouldn’t be told how to express the joy they feel getting married. I had several clues as to why they must have agreed on that, perhaps religion, tribe, or even the popular song by Westlife. However, for clarity, I asked why they choose the theme. At first, they were reluctant but after a few moments the lady answered,

“I choose him over his best friend.”

I thought it was that simple until the groom-to-be added,

“She meant I stole her from my best friend. They were dating but I felt I deserved her more and so I did all I could to win her. He hated us both as well as some other friends and family but we know what we feel and we are meant for each other even if the world wages war.”

Listening to him, I felt lost and connected at the same time. Their resolve and determination made it adorable, yet their courage to defile friendship made it scary. The fact that he used the word ‘stole’ made it scarier. I was tempted to know more but that would be crossing certain boundaries. I wish I had an absolute grasp of the entire narrative, it would help understand better.

As a guy, should you even covet your guy’s babe?

Ladies, what would make you ever choose your man’s best friend as the best alternative?

Is true love supposed to birth hate and enmity?

Guess what the photographer shared with me on our way out? She called off her wedding with the other guy to be with his best friend. I don’t know how true that is, regardless, I can’t judge her choices. Maybe we can make sense of this together.