Never stop living on account of someone else’s words or thoughts. Your dreams, goals and aspirations are valid, don’t let anyone make you feel inadequate to who you want to become. It is very normal for people to critique, counsel and have opinions about your life, but it is your duty to make sure that how they feel shouldn’t undermine how you feel. If at all you must ride along with whatever input they have, it should help define a better outcome for you. No, don’t allow people to kill your dream just because you think they know better. Some experiences are only adequate for the owner, and not sufficient enough to forge a path for another.

Your first motivation to become what you hope to become isn’t even self, it is a reason. People do the same thing for a different reason. It is in that reason that purpose is found. Therefore, if you want to become a doctor because you want to save lives by finding a cure for cancer, and another because it is a decent way to secure his future financially, no matter how established the other person is, he cannot understand what births your passion. His experience may guide you to become a medical doctor but it will not guide you to get the cure for cancer.

In other cases, some people’s counsel is correctional. They want to right their wrong steps through. They think because they failed in that aspect you could too.

Hence, the keep you away from doing what you should be doing by distracting you with what they didn’t do right. We will all make our mistakes. No two persons can make a mistake the same way. The attitude, reason, and action will be different; the why and how. It is wise to observe where others fell so as not to fall but it should not make you doubt your ability to succeed at the same spot. Sometimes, people don’t fail because they aren’t good enough. They fail because of the fear others have instilled in them. Be brave enough to make your own mistakes.

Men should motivate each other but no man’s life should be a yardstick for how well the other is doing. All men should make their own journey without trying to follow the footprint of others. Following other people’s footprint will lead you to their destination and not yours. If you must imitate them, study their blueprint and let it guide you where you are clueless and don’t know how to proceed. It is your journey, you must be courageous to walk most of it alone but first, you must focus on yourself; find your own motivation and spark your passion.