I was having an assessment of my life so far over the weekend. How far have I come? How did I get here? And most especially, why am I still standing?

I’ve had help.

After several hours of pondering about it, I came to the conclusion that I am unique. I am because despite what life has thrown at me I have never ‘given up.’ I have considered it but never gone through with it. I keep telling myself, it’s better to come last with every sincere and sacrificial effort than not try or stop halfway because physical, emotional or the psychological atmosphere is unfavourable. I understand that getting some results take time but there will be nothing to show for my hard work if I don’t work hard.

I want more from life, so I do more. I’m not where I desire to be but I can assure you I have the world’s attention. I look within me and search for ideas and answers that others need while in my storm. I discovered that it is easier to survive when people look up to and believe you. On certain days I’m very sad but seeing how much joy I dispense to others gets me in a better mood.

Just in case you’re losing faith in yourself please consider that there are a lot of lives keeping faith in you. If you lose yourself they will never find themselves but your life will be more meaningful if you devote it to helping them find themselves. You will only know how strong you are if you choose not to drown when a strong wave rolls you under the sea while rescuing someone. You will breathe again as a hero.

Your strength is not in your name, definitely not in your physique, neither is it in your status. The bravery you exhibit is an accumulation and processing of the energy you carry within. Feel it! Tap into it! Use it!

I have never heard anyone say ‘I believe in your name’, they say ‘I believe in you.’  Leads to the question,

“Who are you and why do (should) they believe in you?”

The world awaits your greatness; give them something to hold on to. Manifest your being, help others and experience first-hand fulfilment.