Have you ever heard of anyone who is good at what they quit at? The art you master is the one you stick with through favourable and unfavourable times.

You must have heard it severally; that what is worse than finishing last is not finishing at all. Asides from the fact that it is a display of poor sportsmanship; it also shows one’s inability to be persistent through every rough phase. When you start a race, the aim is to finish well but when the odds aren’t in your favour the best option isn’t to quit. Let me reiterate that it isn’t the good or bad encounters that make up the experiences that guide our path to the future, rather, it is our consistency in those periods that make the experiences worthy. Experiences don’t come from walking away halfway, they are made from seeing stuff through. And though situations can be frustrating, you will never know a path you didn’t take or understand a journey you didn’t complete. Make an effort to see things through, don’t quit because it isn’t working just yet.

Lately, I imagined all sorts of things and came up with loads of reasons why my life isn’t perfect as compared to that of others. I thought of some of my friends and how their journey took a better turn than mine. I felt like I wasn’t good enough and left behind. I remembered younger friends who are taking steps that I should have taken, and of course, I blamed myself for my woes in numerous ways. Perhaps, you also do that sometimes. Nonetheless, I didn’t stop at that.

I made an effort to figure out why things were that way and discovered that I operate with the mindset that the end is near. As though if I don’t have certain things by tomorrow life is meaningless. Life will always hold meaning as long as we gain clarity on the process and how it justifies the progress. Why the rush?

When things aren’t going right, one will normally feel as though he or she has been trying for so long and weariness will set in. At such times, the urge to quit will weigh on one’s mind more than ever. The desperation to change one’s fortune for better will tempt you to try something else, perhaps what others are doing. You quit a journey midway and embark on another through an unfamiliar path, and when that doesn’t promise a quicker destination, the feeling of insufficiency drives the heart to rage. Isn’t it better to finish despite failing than quit because it is taking too long to happen and you are too scared to take chances that you will succeed eventually?

The concept of age may be relevant to certain stages as society has made it, but it will never be a milestone for success and happiness. You must live your life in a pattern that aligns with the path you have chosen. If you are bold enough to begin, be dogged enough to see it through. Sometimes in life, you cannot determine your speed and accuracy because you have no control over the outcomes of events, hence there is no need comparing your progress with another. Except you are genuinely lazy, which you will know, you have no reason to be dissatisfied with your progress. The best thing you should do is keep the wheel moving at full efficiency until you can afford a better one.