Goodbyes hurt but not knowing when to quit a relationship can cause a non-repairable damage to your being. Call it whatever it is; breakup, divorce, mutual termination or separation, if you stay in a relationship beyond the deserved time, the chances are high that you will regret it. The truth is love isn’t perfect. It requires commitment and sincerity to get the best of it. This is because we operate on individual will and ideology; hence love sometimes can be a burden. Love can be sweet, sour, angry, happy and moody. All these reactions are relative to our individuality because without two people trying to maximize its essence, love is just love. However, two thing love isn’t and shouldn’t be are hate and chaos. The moment you feel disgust for your partner for whatsoever reason, or they act like that towards you, and thoughts about him/her leaves you insane, then it is time to move on. The love is no longer enough and it could damn you.

A lot of people are scared of starting a relationship because they are scared of goodbyes, while others are scared of saying goodbye because they don’t believe there can be someone better. Goodbyes may hurt, but they definitely don’t end your life or block your happiness. Saying goodbye takes you through a process of re-evaluation. It isn’t meant to crucify you but to help you criticize your actions. Consider what went wrong and your share of the blame, and prepare you for what comes next.

If for any reason you still feel undeserving and unappreciated after several attempts at making your relationship work, leave. If you are no longer happy in the relationship, leave. Sometimes you have to say goodbye to preserve the emotions of your partner and protect him/her. Other times, saying goodbye isn’t for self, it is to save the other party from any form of mental and emotional torture. Don’t hold on to a poll waiting to break, you will regret not climbing down when you had the chance. Another thong you need to understand is this, after storming through a bad relationship, saying goodbye is the only thing that will give you closure.

The problem with a lot of us however, isn’t that we don’t know when to say goodbye; it is that we don’t know how to say goodbye. We are scared of how we will be conceived by others or what people will say about us. Saying goodbye in the simplest way is the best way. Nonetheless, goodbyes aren’t meant to be perfect. I will consider few helpful tips on saying goodbye next week but you need to know goodbyes don’t require long explanations except on demand; it should be true, expressive and precise. Any other way may complicate things.

Goodbye isn’t a coward’s move. In fact, at sensitive times, goodbye is a wise move.