Have you ever been someone’s reason for not giving up?

When was the last time you motivated someone?

Nobody has it easy. It will interest you to know that perfection is more of a problem than the beauty it describes. This is because it is beyond the world’s imperfection and at such requires breaking imaginary boundaries to sustain it. It is impossible.

Everyone is going through something. Some people have it worse than others. While others tremble and succumb to defeat at the sight of a threat, others have mastered being still in their storm.

Life’s challenges can demotivate anyone. Yet, it remains the most reliable source of motivation. Sometimes, you just have to ignore what others think and let the problem inspire you. Let it inspire you to work hard and pray harder. Let it inspire you to help another person follow your footpath.

Yesterday someone reached out for help and I used my life as a perfect example of how he could overcome his ordeal. When we were done discussing he asked me how I am able to fight my battles and still motivate others. I answered,

“Because sometimes you need to manifest in the life of others for you to stay alive. It is the only way to be bigger than the problem, else you will get drowned by it.”

How can I tell you not to give up if I give up?

The greatest warriors in history aren’t the ones who commanded from a distance, they are the ones who led the battle and showed courage by slaying more than their soldiers.

I don’t want to motivate you today. I want us to motivate each other. Be someone’s source of hope. Sometimes the strength we require comes from the people looking up to us.