One of the secrets of success is that it brings confidence. It is easy to grow your self-esteem and develop your belief system when you taste success. It gives you the assurance that you can do more. The essence of this is to help you understand that nothing can be achieved in a rush. If you want your big dream to become a reality you have to break it into smaller units and start recording success with the smallest. It is difficult to succeed when your dream intimidates you. There is always somewhere to start from without having to deal with certain mental limitations. Baby steps are important; they look insufficient but indeed build the foundation required for that idea to blossom.

The reason most of us are scared of failing isn’t that we aren’t resilient, it is because we shy away from rationality while attacking the challenge. The purpose for which cutleries were made is to make feeding easier, that way you aren’t scared of the quantity or concerned with how to consume everything as a whole. Always be willing to be a small part of something big. Start by achieving what you are sure not to fail at then proceed by deriving motivation from it.

Manage your problems. Arrange them in ascending order then proffer solutions to them in like manner. With time you will realize that solving a small one automatically gives you the insight to solve the scariest. Nothing is too solid or enormous to be broken if you attack it from the weakest point/link. Understand that building your confidence is relative to a construction project, you don’t just jump to the end. Success is required for progress. Like I always emphasise, no one can truly be stagnant, you are either moving ahead or retrogressing. Forget about the distance, begin the journey. Take everything one step at a time and always remember,

“You are experiencing today because you conquered yesterday. You are bigger than your past.”

Build your confidence, be realistic yet logical.