Nothing traps a man more than greed. This happens when we force ourselves into places that are not meant for us because everyone is heading there or because someone we admire goes there regularly. Take a rat for instance; it knows it doesn’t belong in your living room or kitchen, yet the desire to take part in a world that wasn’t made for it will inevitably lead it to its death. Why? You know the rat shouldn’t be there and you seek ways of trapping it. And most cases, you don’t give up until you get rid of it. Now imagine going to a place you are not wanted, especially because your presence there threatens the portion of others. How long before they devise means of chasing you out? When you are eventually out, it becomes glaring how much time you wasted because you coveted a place that does not align with your existence.

In like manner, others who are greedy don’t go where others go to feel like them, they go an extra mile just to beat them. The consequences of which isn’t always palatable. As humans, we must understand where we are in reality and choose to live a life that complements our position, and in modesty too. It is unwise to drop a chicken in hand just to chase after a goat that isn’t in your territory. Chances are you may not catch it or the rightful owner will lay claim to it. By the time you are done, you wouldn’t have only wasted your time; you would have also lost your chicken. Every time we pursue relationships, careers, things and places that steal our time, we lose out on opportunities to have what is coming to us.

Covetousness is literally forcing yourself to live a luxury life on a modest budget; it is unsustainable. Hence, it becomes a burden in no time. The aftermath of which are regrets, fear, discomfort and loneliness. Logically, a life that isn’t meant for you will spit you out, and when it does, it drives your soul to rejection. It makes people think you are shy, but it is simply because your self-esteem has been brutalized by your greed that you no longer understand how to relate; perhaps the fear of being looked down upon that comes from the insecurity you created.

Stop chasing after things that are way beyond your grasp just because you want others to see that you have arrived. You are hurting your life quietly.