Sometimes, it is okay to embrace the possibility of failure as a plan B. It doesn’t mean you are planning to fail, it means you understand that failing isn’t always a wrong outcome. As much as it hurts, it warms your heart with the hope that failing sometimes is a vital step to succeeding in life. It cures your heart of the obsessive thought that success should be for all seasons, and plunges your being into the pool of reality that makes failure a ladder to good success.

A lot of people choose a life of crime because they have the wrong idea of what it means to be successful. They do not understand that success requires hard work, courage, perseverance, failing and on certain occasions, failing all over again. They are blinded by it’s light and does not take time to master how to walk through the tunnel to arrive at it. Society has made failure a taboo, so instead of failing then progressing while mastering their acts and arts, they take shortcuts to a glamour they can’t manage.

If there is anything failure does, it awakens you to the harsh reality of life and teaches you how to preserve success. It reminds you not to take small victories for granted. It is a lesson that protects you from judging yourself unfairly. Most importantly, since people rarely associate with failure, failing teaches you to cheer yourself to success and celebrate it unapologetically.