When the going gets tough and you lose your rhythm, you might want to take a break from everything. It is very important never to give up, but there is a need to know when to rest in other to be restored. Things don’t work sometimes because we are too desperate for success, not necessarily because we aren’t doing the right thing. We live in a world where doing the right thing doesn’t cut it all the time. We must evolve, and most times that require us to withdraw, reevaluate, restrategize and try again. Such a time is when you shut out the world for some moment and focus on your sanity.

Change your environment, get a new phone number, take a trip, change your routine; do whatever you must do. Just make sure it is something that reduces your interaction with the world you experience every day. No matter how distinct you are, if you don’t excuse yourself from the crowd, you may never get noticed. There is a need for you to filter your thoughts, your relationships, your contacts and even your lifestyle from their own type of crowd. If you can’t separate the grains from the shafts then you might as well feed on stones after cooking. You need to disentangle yourself from certain processes and people.

Take, for instance, if you are someone in tune with the soft side of life, chances are you will be emotional and kind. Realistically, that shuts your thoughts from processing situations as they ought to be. Rather you’d process them emphatically until you begin to do it at the expense of your happiness. Before you know it, the comfort you find in giving others joy becomes inadequate and you slowly become dissatisfied with your life. You have overwhelmed yourself with kindness and have now become tired to give enough. Kindness has its limits, take a break.

Always be open to a fresh start, it brings new opportunities and renewed hope. You don’t have to fail before starting again. It is like studying for an exam; when you can no longer assimilate, it is better to take a break, do something fun to relax, then go again. If you are experiencing a creative block, go on a vacation. If you feel inadequate to yourself, don’t try seeking their validation, take a trip. If the pressure from your family is too much, change your phone number and control the narrative. If you are having a hard time resolving a conflict with a friend, give it a time or give them space.

When it gets cold outside isn’t when to remain inside, seek warmth outside and go back inside when the temperature aligns with your body. Don’t die inside because you don’t want the world to be angry or misunderstand you. There is absolutely no shame in doing what is healthy for your humanity and protects your sanity. Take that deserved break, seek for that new beginning, attain it then go back to hustling life again. Whatever or whoever isn’t there when you return doesn’t deserve to be there, you just never figured it out. Seeking peace away from the norm makes you see where the chaos is stemming from.